05.10.17. EVENTO CAPÍTULO. Visual project design and the power of slow thinking

Date: Thursday, 5th October 2017 at 19:00
Venue: La Salle, sala projectes, Edifici Sant Jaume, Quatre Camins, 30
Speaker: Karen Schmidt
PDUs: 1.5

In complex settings, projects bring people together who typically don’t join forces. These people need to become productive very quickly. In this interactive session you will learn how your project team can benefit from „slow thinking“ and „visual thinking tools“ to speed up a new project.


In his best-selling book “Thinking, Fast and Slow”, Nobel Prize in Economics winner Daniel Kahneman outlines the dichotomy between two modes of thought. In this context, he outlines cognitive biases based on fast and intuitive thinking and the risks related to that. This session applies Kahneman’s findings to projects. The unwanted effects of fast thinking are the bigger the more diverse a group of people. But this is only one part of the truth. The other is, that diverse groups have the potential to better deal with the biases based on fast thinking than individuals.

In an initial presentation, Karen and Eugenia demonstrate, how diverse project teams can benefit from collaborative slow thinking. By a series of exercises, you can self-test your modes of thinking. In the following parts of the session, you will experience the method of slow thinking and apply a visual tool for project design, the Project Canvas. It’s open source and you can take it for your future projects to help your project team to “think better together”.

Karen Schmidt is facilitator, speaker and author of the book “Project Design – Thinking Tools for Visually Shaping New Ventures”. In her 20 year career, Karen worked as consultant, manager, facilitator, coach, and trainer for more than 40 organizations across Europe. Her professional journey meant a great opportunity to learn co-creation and leadership in projects from the inside out. With the open source initiative “Over the Fence”, she helps people design, manage, and lead projects and have more fun at work.

About “Over the Fence - projects newly discovered” (overthefence.com.de)

Based on five years of qualitative empirical research, the open source initiative has developed approaches, which help project teams to leverage the potential of “better thinking” to achieve wiser project decisions. The approaches are not exclusively, but especially valuable for interdisciplinary teams, and teams with a broad range of project management expertise (from novices to experts).

Some materials: 
1) Manifesto for slow thinking in projects: http://overthefence.com.de/manifesto/
2) The Project Canvas - Magic Conversations for Interdiscisplinary Teams: http://www.managementexchange.com/hack/project-canvas-organize-magic-conversations-interdiscisplinary-teams
3) eBook Project Design - Thinking Tools for Visually Shaping New Ventures: http://overthefence.com.de/project-management-book/



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